EU steel production is expected to resume growth in the fourth quarter of 2012

      According to foreign media reports, the European Iron and Steel Association (EUROFER Economic Commission for first quarter 2012 / 2012-2013 economic and steel market forecast report, the EU steel production increased by 8.6% in the third quarter of 2011.
EU steel tube growth rate is higher than the previous forecast, reflecting the fall of the steel production growth in summer. The fourth quarter of 2011, steel production is expected to decline by nearly 4 percent year on year. Throughout 2011, the EU steel production is estimated to increase by 10%.
      For the 2012 forecast, the EU steel production will continue to decline slightly.
EUROFER said that the EU steel production in 2012 first quarter will fall by 6% in the second quarter and in the third quarter about 3 percent, the fourth quarter of the market recovery will lead to the expected growth of steel production.
      The EUROFER predicted that the 2013 EU steel output would grow slightly by 2.5%.
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