Volume of production for crude steel in Japan will reduce 2000 thousand tons in

Compared with the production volume of crude steel in 2012, production volume is reduced a little in 2012 ,it is about 1.04 million, this news is revealed by president of Japan steel alliance Lin Tian Ying at the press conference of last Friday.
President Lin said that , because of post-disaster reconstruction, the production volume for 2012 in Japan home market will increase 500-600 thousand compared with the one of 2011,but ,because the shipbuilding industry is depression, Steel request for ship will reduce 1000 thousand tons. In view of the stock ,request for crude steel all over the world in 2012 will reduce 2000 thousand as total compared with the year of 2011.it is 1.06 million tons in 2011.
President Lin said, figure for import volume is still not clearly, prospect is hard to say, but perhaps it is the same as last year, there will be no large drop.
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