Chrome steel ball


Bearing in the work is under immense pressure and the friction forces, so the required bearing steel has a high and uniform hardness and abrasion resistance, and a high elastic limit. The uniformity of the chemical composition of the bearing steel, and the content and distribution of nonmetallic inclusions of carbide distribution requirements are very stringent, the level of bearing accuracy depends upon the accuracy of Ball.
Bearing steel, also known as high carbon Ge steel, carbon Wc is about 1%, and Wcr of the amount of chromium is 0.5% -1.65%. Divided into carbon chromium bearing steel bearing steel, non-chromium bearing steel, carburizing bearing steel, stainless bearing steel, high temperature bearing steel and anti-magnetic bearing steel six categories.
Chrome steel ball is widely used in high-speed and low noise bearings, aircraft engines, ships power machine, high-speed rail, car, bicycle, motorcycle, car, rail, universal ball, bags, electronics industry and so require high precision bearings, is also available to grind other media.
Ball hardness up to HRC 62-65, better abrasion resistance, cold working into the steel ball millionths of a millimeter accuracy can reach the surface of the mirror effect. Chrome in color, but can not be welded.
High-precision steel balls, grinding steel balls, grinding steel balls.
Main Specifications Φ0.5mm ~ Φ250mm.
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