counterweight iron sand

Chemical  analysis of counterweight iron sand
Counterweight Iron sand
Typical Chemical Composition
High density iron sand: Density /bulk density
6.8-7.2T/M3 4.8-5.2T/M3
Low density iron sand:Density/bulk density
6.2-6.5T/M3 4.1-4.3T/M3
The composition of Fe accounts for over 93%.Products are in a high quality and competitive price.
        Our main products are used in casting, forging, machinery, metallurgy, heating treatment, steel structure, network structure, containers, ships, repair, bridges, and mines, as well as in such areas as clearing sand, rust, and strengthen, shape, and the elimination of all kinds of stress-Materials on the surface of painting, cleaning, and electroplating before roughness (nap) pre-processing, stone cutting, magnetic cast pills.

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