lead sheet


With sheet lead being the most malleable of common metals it can be easily shaped, formed, bent and/or easily cut to suit all applications.Our sheet lead is extremely resistant to corrosionfrom the atmospheresalt water,and most industrial chemicals.It is ideal for making corrosionresistant gaskets, lead lining tanks, reducing sound in rooms and replacing metal flashing in roofs. With its high densityand flexibility it becomes superior in shielding rooms from radiation against xrays and gamma radiation.Sheet leadis built into a variety of structures,such as walls, doors, window frames and cabinetry toprovide the necessary shielding protection. In waterproofing applications the sheet membranes are installed onsite, then burned (welded) with samecomposition lead burning bar to affect, a longlastingimpermeable barrier. With its high “limpness” (lowstiffness) and high internal damping capacity it becomes excellent barrier material to block the transmission of sound, and for isolating equipment frommechanical vibration.

Sincesheet leadcan easily be shaped with little effort at ambient temperatures without the need for periodic softening or annealing it does not work harden. It therefore can be readily manipulatedwith standard hand tools without the risk of fracture.

As with most other commodities,sheet leadis usually sold by the pound and is available inlead sheets or asrolled sheet lead.

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