Galvanized steel Coil

Galvalume products (GL) use cold rolled steel sheets with various strengths and thicknesses as the raw materials and are coated with aluminum (Al 55%), zinc (Zn 43.5%) and silicon (Si 1.5%) alloy. It possesses excellent anti-corrosion properties. Product Features: Derived from hot-dip aluminum galvanization and hot-dip zinc galvanization technology, Galvalume products possess excellent properties of both products, i.e. the exceptional anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties of hot-dip aluminum galvanization, and superior electric-chemical properties of hot-dip zinc galvanization, which make Galvalume sheets less prone to rust and corrosion at the edge and on the scratched surface.

Description of goods

Galvalume steel coils  (GL)

AL-Zn Coating


Thickness Range


Coil ID


Coil weight



Regular/mini/zero spangle, chromated, skin pass, dry etc.

Width range


(900mm, 1250mm, 1000mm the most common)


export standard package: 1.inner has paper core barrel supporting to prevent collapse roll, 2.galvanized metal & waterproof paper wall protects disk.


construction, household electric appliance, auto, containers, traffic and property, etc. Especially in steel structure building, automobile manufacturing, steel plate warehouse manufacturing, etc.

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